About Us

FDS Law was established in 1993 to service legal and accounting needs of foreign ventures doing business in Russia or with Russian parties.

Over the past twenty years the firm's capabilities have grown and we now also advise Russian firms and individuals doing business internationally.

Many of our clients are well known Russian and foreign entities, including many foreign law firms that do not have a Russian presence.

All attorneys and auditors of FDS Law are fluent in English and Russian.

FDS Law and its professional members adhere to high standards of professional responsibility, confidentiality and ethical conduct.

Provision of Legal and Accounting Services

FDS Law provides high-quality legal and accounting services.

Provision of legal and accounting services allows FDS Law to consider its clients’ matters from a legal and tax perspective and find solutions which are both tax effective and legally sound.

As a result clients of FDS Law receive quality advice and save time and money.

Provision of legal and accounting services also allows FDS Law to relieve its clients from the administrative burden of dealing with legal, tax, accounting and payroll issues. This is particularly advantageous to newly setup businesses or those that do not have a large number of employees or wish to avoid employing an in-house lawyer or accountant.

Due to the combination of legal and accounting practices, FDS Law is particularly well versed in due diligence projects and matters involving tax-efficient structuring of transactions and business.

International Experience

FDS Law is actively involved in international projects and cross-border transactions with Russian assets.

Our experience in international matters includes:

  • mergers and acquisitions
  • tax planning
  • international arbitration and litigation
  • expert witness testimony

Our international experience allows us to better understand and implement our clients' needs in various legal environments. It also enables us to handle international projects more efficiently and save costs for our clients.

Mobility & International Reach

Due to our presence in Russia and abroad we are set up to advise our clients where it is convenient for them without significant extra costs.

Our international reach also makes it quicker and easier for us to meet with clients, participate in negotiations and take part in international litigations and arbitrations.