Inheritance Law & Estate Planning

FDS Law offers Russian and foreign clients inheritance law advice and estate planning.

Our services in this area include:

  • Russian inheritance law advice
  • drafting of wills
  • securing the deceased's property
  • international estate planning
  • creation of trusts

FDS Law is frequently retained by private clients and foreign law firms to advise on matters of Russian inheritance law and to oversee the distribution of Russian estates.

FDS Law assists clients with the discovery of property forming the deceased’s estate both in Russia and abroad and taking measures to secure the property discovered.

We also advise and assist clients with the preparation of wills.

FDS Law provides clients who own assets in Russia and abroad with international estate planning services aimed at the minimization of business disruption and the minimization of taxes on the passing of the estate to their heirs.

As part of the estate planning service FDS Law assists clients with the setup and administration of trusts.