Accounting & Tax Reporting

Through its accounting team FDS Law provides accounting and tax reporting services to Russian companies, individual entrepreneurs, representative and branch offices of foreign companies in Russia.

Within the scope of our Russian accounting services we develop accounting policies, keep financial records and books of account, prepare financial statements and payment orders.

Our accounting services come together with Russian tax reporting services. These include calculation of all Russian taxes due, preparation and filing of all necessary tax returns and preparation of payment orders for payment of taxes due.

FDS Law also prepares accounts and management reports in accordance with IAS.

FDS Law helps its clients who are involved in international transactions to prepare documents and reporting required by Russian exchange control rules.

If accounts have not been properly maintained in the past, FDS Law can assist in restoring the accounts.

FDS Law assists private clients with preparation and filing of personal income tax returns in Russia and with completing of payment orders for payment of personal income tax. It also participates in reconciliations with tax authorities on behalf of its clients.

The advantages of using our accounting services are as follows:

  • our accountants have many years of professional experience
  • they speak Russian and English
  • we can keep accounts in accordance with Russian and international accounting standards simultaneously
  • a client will not have to deal with employment law issues that arise when it employs or dismisses an in-house accountant